Cooling Roofing Materials

Think of most of the roofs you see. The same dark and black asphalt materials are on many, if not most, of the residential houses you pass by every day in your car or on your walk. These dark roofs contribute to the heat that we all feel, particularly in the summer, by absorbing rather than reflecting the sun’s heat.

So if you’re wondering why your house is making you sweat, think about your roof. Think about how you can make your roof cooler and thus your house also.

Here are some of the roofing materials that you can choose from that will improve the temperature of your roof and your home.

White Asphalt Roof. Keep to the old methods and simply add some new colors. The asphalt treatment is one of the most common roofing methods. But instead of using the usual black slates, go for white instead. This will bring the temperature down considerably.

Tile. A traditional and ancient roofing material, tile has natural cooling abilities that asphalt does not. Many antique buildings have this style on their roofs, and many people are turning to this again to get the cooling they need. Modern technology has bolstered the cooling properties of the tiles and has made them even more energy-efficient than their old counterparts.

Metal. This would seem surprising, considering how hot metal can take in the sun, but metal generally reflects rather than absorbs heat. Add a coat of paint and the coolness is yours.

Many materials can be fine-tuned so the sun doesn’t bother your house as much. With these materials in mind, you will be sitting comfortably once again, not having to crank your air conditioner up to “high.” Say goodbye to sweating and hello to refreshing. You won’t have to worry about a pricey heating and cooling bill again.